Friday, August 12, 2022

‘An opportunity to take ten wickets straight away,’ says Rashid Khan about The Hundred

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Rashid Khan, who plays for Trent Rockets in the inaugural edition of The Hundred, looks to do well in the tournament.

However, the tournament has seen a lot of changes where the concept of overs with the number of balls has been changed. While bowlers will be allowed to bowl a maximum of 20 deliveries a game, they can bowl 5 deliveries or even 10 deliveries at a stretch as well. And, Rashid Khan, who has arguably the best in the business in recent times will bowl a lot at Trent Bridge, a venue that helps the bowlers.

‘So it will be a definitely a challenge. I will need consistency in how I bowl, and that will be tested. But as long as I have that positive mindset for the game, I can deliver,’ Rashid said.

‘Whatever it is, as long as I’m hitting the right area, and backing up my skills and my talent, I think I can deliver for the team. Your best delivery is your best delivery for any batsman around the world,’ he added.

Meanwhile, Rashid Khan has shared his happiness at the possibility of bowling 10 balls in a row, as it would give him a chance to claim all the 10 wickets as well.

“It kind of gives you an opportunity to take ten wickets straight away, and three hat-tricks. That’s an advantage we have, but you can also be hit for ten sixes as well, or give 50 runs away in just ten balls,’ he elaborated.

Rashid Khan will begin his journey in The Hundred when they will play against the Southern Brave on June 24 at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

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