“I cannot digest this”- Inzamam-Ul-Haq after New Zealand pull out of Pakistan tour

Former Pakistan captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq has said that it is unable for him to digest the fact that New Zealand has unilaterally pulled out of the Pakistan tour at the last moment citing security concerns on Friday.

This sparked outrage among the Pakistan ex-cricketers, fans, media outlets in Social Media with almost all of them saying that NZC has let Pakistan cricket down with the withdrawal. PCB also maintained its stance that there were no security threats for the visiting team.

Inzamam, a Pakistani cricket legend on a Youtube channel criticized the Kiwis for doing what they did to the country. Adding that PCB treated the guests giving them the highest security, he opined NZC should have spoken to the board if they had any concerns.

No country can do to another what New Zealand have done to Pakistan. They were our guests and if they had some issues they should have spoken to the PCB. Pakistan had been providing New Zealand with the best security. Since the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in 2009, we have given security to teams equivalent to that given to a visiting President,” Inzamam stated.

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Inzamam also asked the ICC to step into this matter and questioned NZC why they didn’t share any security-related threats they received to the PCB or to the apex board. He further cited the support the PCB has given to other countries like Sri Lanka during their tough times.

ICC must step into this. Also, If New Zealand have some inputs related to security, why are they not showing it? If not to PCB, then at least show it to the ICC. Even our PM had spoken to them and given them assurances. If New Zealand had spoken to Pakistan about their concerns, the security agencies could definitely have looked into to. But just before the match they said, they cannot play because of some threat. I have full trust in Pakistan’s security. At least let us know what your problem is? I cannot digest this,” he said.
Pakistan has always supported other nations. In 1996, there was a major security threat in Sri Lanka and teams were not willing to play there. Our players went there and played a match ahead of the World Cup. Sri Lanka could thus show the world that their country was safe. We are always ready to help,” Inzamam concluded.

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