ICC U19 WC: Windies skipper Ackeem Auguste shares his thoughts

With the 2022 edition of the ICC Under-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup underway from today, all teams have had their chance to try out the best combinations during the warm-up games in the lead-up to the event. ICC published a media release on their website yesterday, in which the Windies U19 skipper Ackeem Auguste shed light on several things, including his team’s chances in the World Cup. Here’s what the 18 year-old said:

“I think the enthusiasm from the guys has been good, I think we have gelled well as a unit and looking forward we are very confident as a team.”

The Windies skipper certainly believes that his team has got what it takes to go all the way, inspite of the pressure that will prevail given that they are the host nation this time around. The last time a country that hosted the Under-19 Men’s Cricket World Cup went on to win the tournament was Australia in 1988.

Ackeem Auguste further added, “I think we are a very talented bunch, everybody in this team can pull their weight. We are a team full of quality batters and bowlers and a good fielding unit too. Overall, we are very confident. As a team we are always looking to improve, so that’s how I see it.”

Windies haven’t had the best of form in recent times, drawing 2-2 with South Africa U19, followed by warm-up losses to India U19 and South Africa U19. Even though Auguste does affirm that their team consists of very good batters, the series against South Africa did expose chinks in their armour.

However, head coach Floyd Reifer reinstated his confidence in the side. “The confidence of the team is still in a very good place. You use warm-up games to see where you’re at as a team,” Reifer commented during an online pre-match media conference.

“Obviously, before we did a lot of camps and we hadn’t played many games together as a unit, so we used these games to kind of see where the guys are at, to see how they can perform their roles and responsibilities under pressure. So I would say the team is very confident still and it’s just a matter now of just putting it together with a good game tomorrow,” Reifer continued.

Windies U19 kick-off their U19 World Cup 2022 campaign against Australia U19 in a Group D opening day clash.

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