Indian team needs to show maturity to win World Cup, claims Sourav Ganguly

Former India captain, as well as BCCI president Sourav Ganguly, said that there’s a lot of talent in the Virat Kohli-led team but they will have to show the maturity to win the title.

“So, you don’t become champions easily and you just don’t become champions just by stepping into a tournament, so they have to get through the process, they have to show maturity,” said Ganguly in an online conversation. “…they all have the talent, they all have the skill to score runs and take wickets at this level. They just have to be mentally in a good place to win the World Cup.”

Sourav Ganguly again shared that the side should focus on winning each and every game instead of targeting the title directly. He was speaking after Games24x7, a multi-game platform launched a new campaign, named ‘Game Ke Deewane’ for the upcoming mega event – ICC T20 World Cup, on its fantasy sports platform, ‘My11Circle’.

“…(the) title is only won when the finals are finished. So, you have a lot of cricket to be played before that and I think India should focus (on) every game, India should focus on winning every game and just taking it from there and not think about the title at the start,” he said.

“India will always be contenders in whatever competition they play in and the challenge for them is to be at peace with themselves, focus on the process rather than the results because the most toughest thing and the most wrong thing to do is when you take guard and you think I am here to win the World Cup….what is important is to play the next ball which is coming out of the hand and keep doing that till you get to the finals,” Sourav Ganguly concluded.

Notably, India will begin their T20 World Cup campaign against Pakistan on October 24.

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