Mohammad Nabi appointed as the new T20I captain of Afghanistan

All-rounder Mohammad Nabi is all set to lead Afghanistan in the upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup scheduled to take place in the UAE.

The decision to appoint Nabi as the new captain of the team after the announcement came after the star leg-spinner Rashid Khan that he’ll step down from captaincy as he wasn’t consulted before the announcement of the squad for the mega event.

“As the captain and responsible person for the nation, I reserve the right to be part of the selection of the team. The selection committee and ACB have not obtained my consent for the team which has been announced by ACB media. I am taking the decision of stepping down from the role as the captain of the Afghanistan T20I side effective immediately. It’s always my proud playing for Afghanistan,” Rashid Khan had tweeted.

Nabi has the prior experience of leading the Afghanistan side as he was the captain of the T20I team from 2013-14. During his tenure as the T20I skipper, Nabi scored 132 runs in 12 matches at an average of 13. The canny off spinner also has taken 9 wickets with 2/12 being his best. He has won six matches for Afghanistan and also lost as many games during his captaincy stint.

Nabi admires the decision of ACB

The newly appointed captain of the Afghanistan men’s T20I team is looking forward to bringing glory for his country in the 20 over World Cup.

“At this critical stage, I admire the decision of ACB for the announcement of leading the National Cricket Team in the T20 Format. InshaAllah together we will present a great picture of the Nation in the upcoming T20 World Cup,” tweeted Mohammad Nabi.

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