The Hundred: Sunil Gavaskar terms the 100-ball tournament as insipid and average

Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar has termed the inaugural “Hundred” hosted by the ECB as insipid. The ambitious 100-ball format tournament began on the 21st July with the women’s game at the Oval.

Both the men’s and women’s competition have been happening parallely. Many former England players have praised and given positive feedback about the tournament. However, the former Indian cricketer Gavaskar seems not too impressed with The Hundred.

Writing in his column for mid-Day, Gavaskar pointed out the coverage to the tournament has been avergae and the standard of cricket being played is also ordinary.

Having seen it on TV, the only word that comes to mind is insipid. The cricket is ordinary and the coverage average with basic mistakes in player information,” Gavaskar wrote.

He added that such type of tournament will be mocked by the former England players if it were held in the sub-continent.

(Such mistakes) If made in the sub-continent, would have been mocked at especially by the former England players, not to speak of the headlines that the tabloids would have generated. The former players are raving about the crowds but here too as yet the fierce loyalty of the franchise fans is not seen. Maybe, the experience at the ground is different but as far as first impressions go, it’s not been a great one,” he further wrote.

IPL had a vertical take-off: Sunil Gavaskar

IPL had a memorable start in the form of Brendon McCullum’s big-hitting masterclass and the tournament beacme an instant hit among the masses from the word go.

The legendary cricketer felt that “The Hundred” would take some time to steal the hearts of the viewers but he didn’t rule out the possibilty of the success of the tournament.

Unlike the IPL, which was given a vertical take-off by Brendon McCullum’s incredible innings in the very first match, The Hundred hadn’t quite got that and so may take a little more time to get the hearts of the spectators,” he concluded.

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