“The team that tops the WTC table should host the final”- Aakash Chopra gives his suggestion

Aakash Chopra has given his opinion that the team that tops the WTC table should host the final. He further suggested that the toss should be decided by the visiting team in case it is a one-game final.

Give the visiting team the benefit of toss- Aakash Chopra

The inaugural WTC concluded just recently with New Zealand coming out on top by 8 wickets over India in a rain-affected game at Southampton. Though many lauded the tournament bringing back life to Test cricket, there were many questions raised about the format of WTC, especially the final to decide the winner.

Many experts including Aakash favored the WTC Final to be a 3-Test affair but ICC categorically snubbed it citing scheduling conflicts.

Cricketer turned analyst Aakash Chopra taking on his channel gave his thoughts on the WTC final. Aakash said the advantage of WTC table topper hosting final will also help the sale of tickets.

There are a couple of suggestions. You will not be able to change anything else as you have already announced that there will be only six series and home and away will have the same weightage but I have a suggestion for the final. The team that tops the WTC table should host the final,

You might have to move the final two-three months here or there because of that but it is fine if you are playing just one match. If you are going to have three, it is great, then you can do it anywhere,” he added.

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When you are doing this, you should eliminate the toss. You should give the toss to the visitor, he can decide but it should happen where the hosts are. When you do it in the host nation, there will be huge crowds which you are always worried about. So you will not have to think too much about that.

The number of points actually do not matter anymore- Aakash Chopra

Aakash Chopra talked about the changes the ICC has brought into the WTC points system for the 2nd cycle. With the participating teams playing a varying number of matches, the apex board brought in a new standardized system to decide upon the 2 finalists.

Each win carries 12 points irrespective of the number of games they play in a series. The first edition had 120 points per series and it was divided based on the number of games they play. But like last time, the percentage system is still intact.

The former Indian opener felt that the changes don’t make any difference from the last one.

Some of the changes don’t make any difference, to be very honest. Some of the things are still the same. Firstly, the WTC has been accommodated based on the pre-defined fixtures as the countries had already sold their rights,” he said.

Earlier a series used to be worth 120 points irrespective of the number of matches. They have tried to address the disparity which according to me was already addressed. When Covid happened, it was decided that it is no longer going to be the number of points that you have. When you said you are going to see only the percentage points, even with the 12 points you are going to reach there only,” Aakash added.

If you have a two-Test series you are going to get only 24 points, but it is hundred percent of the total points available. The number of points actually do not matter anymore,” he concluded.

The 2nd cycle of the WTC will begin on the 4th of August with the first edition runner-up India taking on the hosts England. This will be a 5-match series with a maximum of 12 points allotted for each game.

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