“You’re talking about an ICC trophy but he hasn’t even won an IPL yet”- Suresh Raina talks about Virat Kohli’s captaincy

Suresh Raina has said he thinks Virat Kohli is the No.1 captain and No.1 batsman going around in World Cricket at the moment. Raina also maintained the fact that the Indian team is not chokers after having failed to win another ICC tournament.

Under Kohli’s captaincy, India is yet to win a global ICC tournament but has been in the finals of Champions trophy 2017, WTC 2021, and Semi-finals of World Cup 2019, losing all of it. RCB, the IPL franchise he leads is also yet to win a single tournament.

Kohli needs to be given some time as captain- Suresh Raina

Talking to News24 sports, Raina said though Kohli hasn’t won an ICC trophy or an IPL as captain yet, he believes that the Indian captain still needs to given time. He also added that reaching the final of an even is not easy as it sounds and that Kohli has achieved a lot as a skipper. He pointed out India’s loss to New Zealand was due to the poor batting performance of India and refused to blame the conditions.

Kohli is the most successful Indian test skipper with 36 wins and also maintained Indian dominance in limited-overs formats too.

I think he has been the No. 1 captain. His record proves that he has achieved a lot. I think he is the No. 1 batsman in the world. You’re talking about an ICC trophy but he hasn’t even won an IPL yet. I feel that he needs to be given some time. There are 2-3 World Cups taking place one after the other – two T20 World Cups and then the 50-over World Cup,” Raina told News24 Sports.

It’s not easy to reach the final – sometimes you miss out on a few things. The WTC final was one such example. People said it was because of the conditions but I feel there was something lacking in batting. The bigger batsmen will have to stitch partnerships and take responsibilities,” he added.

Team India not chokers-Suresh Raina

Virat Kohli and his team will have an opportunity to make things better as they are scheduled to compete in 3 ICC tournaments in the next 2 years. ICC World Cup 2023 and 2 T20 World Cups are on the horizon.

Raina defended India when asked if the team is turning out to be chokers. The former Indian middle-order batsman was hopeful that the team led by Virat Kohli will an ICC tournament.

See, we are not chokers, because we already have the 1983 World Cup, 2007 T20 World Cup the then 50-over World Cup in 2011. We need to understand that players are training hard. With three World Cups approaching, I don’t think anyone will call them chokers. We need to give them a little more time. They are doing well and Virat has the capability to change the game. We need to respect the new style of this team. But I feel that in the next 12 to 16 months, an ICC trophy is going to come to India,” Raina explained.

India’s next big assignment will be the T20 World Cup which will be played in the UAE later this year. India will hope that Kohli will lead his troops to an ICC title that is in drought since the 2013 Champions trophy.

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